God does not need your money, nor do I, God has a job, I have a job, God doesn't give a shit what you do with your money, so don’t waste it trying to get favour with him, it wont happen, but God does like trees and birds and even jellyfish so if you want to spend your money on something to make you feel better about yourself plant some trees or donate to a charity for animals.

God is over ten feet tall, he has a two foot penis, an I.Q. of six million and he knows he is god, he does not need your praise, anymore than you need an ant to tell you that you’re tall.

Sucking up to god will get you nowhere, no-one likes a suck hole, gods not listening, if you want to get closer to god go out and enjoy nature, you will learn a lot more about the glory of god by spending an afternoon with nature than you could spending a year on your knees praying.​

Don't Donate now!

Praise God!

"Bentism is just like the raddest religion even"


"Da Churchizzle O' Bentizzle!

Its fo Rizzle my Nizzle"

- Snoop Dogg

Bentaz would love you to be a better Bentist than he is.
The prophet Bentaz does not care if you are black, white, green, yellow, gay, straight, human, a wombat, a cockroach or a jellyfish, you are all here under god and have the choice between being an arsehole or not, that choice is the only thing you should be judged on!